Ladies Night AND Refrigerator Raider! – Thursday, April 20th

Talk about two good things that go together!

This Thursday night we’ve got a double whammy for ya. Not only is Ladies night in full effect with no cover for Ladies and all the specials you have come to expect, it’s also time for the Refrigerator Raider!

The Raider will be bring along deep discounts on select brands of rum, rye, gin, and vodka, PLUS Kamora and Irish Cream, PLUS all beer and draft in stock! 

It’s time for you guys to help us empty our fridges before Summer hours kick in.

Ladies Night + Refrigerator Raider = one heck of a Thursday night!

Exam Hours

Last Class Bash was awesome, but we’re not done for the year yet!

During the exam period, we will be open for the following hours:

  • Friday, April 7 – Open at 8PM
  • Saturday, April 8 – Open at 10PM
  • Wednesday, April 12 – Open at 8PM
  • Thursday, April 13 – Open at 10PM
  • Friday, April 14 – Open at 8PM
  • Saturday, April 15 – Open at 10PM
  • Wednesday, April 19 – Open at 8PM
  • Thursday, April 20 – Open at 10PM
  • Friday, April 21 – Open at 8PM
  • Saturday, April 22 – Open at 10PM

For food specials and Happy Hour info, follow along at or on Facebook at .

Fridays – Pitchers & Buckets

Fridays are BIG at the Social Club!

Every Friday at the Social Club you can kick back after class, and blow off some steam after a tough week.

To help you do that, we have some big specials for you! Pitchers of mixed drinks are only $9.75, and Molson or Coors Light buckets are just $7.50!

From the Kitchen on Fridays, we’ll be featuring a different burger every week at special pricing. Each of these burgers will be a special creation and available for a limited time only, so don’t miss out!

Get Social with us, Fridays at the Club!

Open Dates

Hey clubbers!

Just a note to let you know that the Club will be closed on Friday June 24th and Friday July 1st.

We will be re-opening on July 8th, and we’ll be featuring our Bucket and a Bomb special! 

You remember the one. It’s the one where you can come into the Social Club and get one of our famous buckets o’ beer PLUS a Jägerbomb for only $10 taxes in!

So join us when the doors re-open on July 8th!